Which Material is Best for Outdoor Business Signs?

An outdoor sign has a way of directing customers to a shop to increase sales of products and services.

Signs are also vital for advertising, as a method of pulling traffic to a business offline. You need to put lots of energy, thought, as well as effort to make sure you get the best outdoor sign. This will almost guarantee high foot traffic to your location for a very long time. Failure to do these things may result to wasting your time without getting what you need at the end of the day.

With a sign, comes the material made to make it. But which is the best? Which will stand out? Here are the top 5 most common materials to use for outdoor business signs.

Medium Density Overlay (MOD)

Medium density overlay outdoor material is an outer plywood panel with resin fiber saturated overlay, combined to the panel surface.

The overlay almost eradicates cracking, and also looks better, long after painting. You can find this kind of outdoor business sign in two forms such as primed and unprimed.

Typical Medium Density Overlay (MOD) Application

If not the MOD, another best material used for an outdoor business sign is the Typical Medium Density Overlay application. These are simply cabinet, linings, sign panels, traffic and highway signs, site signs, industrial shelving, billboard, containers and furniture.

Due to the fact that wood is sturdy and does not flex, it’s often used in post-and-panel application which is one of the major advantages over other materials used.

Typical Aluminum Application

Aluminum is usually the material that comes to mind when there is need for fantastic and dazzling outdoor business sign. While wood usually soaks water overtime and warp, the aluminum material is known to last longer as it does not soak water, rust or easily damage.

However, he flexibility feature of aluminum is the major reason why most people do not like it as it’s not always able to withstand strong wind.

Aluminum Outdoor Business Sign

As said before, most people that want to build an attractive business sign always go for aluminum material. The reason is that colored aluminum sheet is always beautiful and more attractive than any other material.

The majority of aluminum outdoor business signs are designed by painting one of the sides with a special color with the other side being painted white. That’s why it’s mostly used by those who are looking for a way to captivate people and lure them to their shop.

Acrylic Outdoor Business Signs

Acrylic material is sheets made out of methyl methacrylate monomer. Acrylic sheets are a special and unique kind of material with its outstanding mechanical, physical, chemical, optical and thermal properties. There is variety of uses of acrylic sheets and it is commonly known as Plexiglass.

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  1. Hannah Neilson

    Thanks for explaining how aluminum business signs usually last a long time. It would be good to consider something like this if you are looking for something durable. You may also want to interview a few different sign companies in order to know that they are qualified.

  2. Olivia Nelson

    Thanks for explaining how aluminum business signs are nice because they are attractive and help steer people towards your business. It would be good to consider the benefits of using a metal sign, especially one that is weather resistant. If you are looking for a sign for your business, you may want to also check online to make sure that you are getting yours from a qualified and licensed service.

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