Storefront windows, merchandise displays, and advertising displays are just a few of the many types of visual retail marketing tools. For tradeshows, posters, banners, countertop signs, free-standing signs, hanging banners and easel signs are used often and effectively. These signs are easily removable, portable, and changeable to meet certain locational needs and message requirements.
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If you’ve ever attended a tradeshow, you can be overwhelmed by the size and scope of signage at these events. Some booths are enormous in scale and it is a bit mindboggling to think that these structures need to be assembled and taken down each time a company attends a given tradeshow. Therefore, the need for flexibility, portability, and versatility are paramount for tradeshow signage. One often finds flexible materials such as .020 matte/clear lexan in use, as it can be rolled up and stored easily. This material is generally used as booth panels with either magnetic or velcro backing. Full color digital prints, mounted second surface, are durable, classy, and the signage of choice for tradeshow wall graphics.


A display is defined as any type of medium that describes verbally or graphically what you and your company is all about. There are hundreds of types of displays that do just that…display. From roll-up banners and table-top tilt-backs, to window and wall graphics, to floor decals and hanging signs, displays come in every size, shape, and construction you can image. Some displays are illuminated and others aren’t. One could argue that every sign is technically a display as its primary function is to attract attention and create interest. We’re experts at creating the type of displays that you will be proud to call your own.

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