Dimensional Foam Sign Letters & Logos

Dimensional Foam Sign letters are by far the most economical and popular choice for exterior letters. Usually seen from a distance, many people prefer the thickness of foam (1/2” to 4”) so the letters look very substantial when installed on a building. Foam is particularly cost effective when you want larger letters with more depth, and can be dressed up with acrylic faces, metal faces or digitally printed graphics. Foam is widely used for address numbers, too. For exterior use, 2lb. – 15lb. foam with aluminum or acrylic faces is usually the best option. If you own your building, and you want the letters to last a very long time (10+ years), you should consider a more dense foam, such as 15lb foam. If, for example, you are leasing your building, and are considering moving in a few years (5 – 6), 2lb. foam will certainly do the job and will cost significantly less than the higher density foams.
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The most common type of exterior foam letters typically come with an acrylic face. There are many acrylic colors to choose from and if a special PMS color is required we take clear acrylic and back paint it with your specific color and then laminate the acrylic to the foam letter. This offers an endless array of colors, type styles, and multiple thickness options. We can match the painted foam sides to the acrylic color or add another level of interest by painting the sides a different color than the face. Typically foam letters are flush mounted to an exterior wall but can be off- set mounted if higher density foam is used.


The second most common type of exterior foam letter combines foam with an aluminum face. Labeled in the industry as letter foam, this type of signage is durable, comes in a variety of thicknesses, and is painted in high grade urethane paint. Gloss, semi-gloss, and matte paint finishes are available to match any color and hue you desire. Typically the face color and sides (returns) are painted the same, but mixing the face and side colors is also an option. Logos look particularly professional when fabricated from letter foam.


If you want to add an extra layer of professionalism to your exterior signage, you might want to use a brush or polished, gold or silver, aluminum laminate for the face of the letters. These are best used when there is only indirect sunlight that exposes the face of the letters but can certainly be used in a variety of protected areas. Great for interior applications, these aluminum laminate faced letters are sharp and clean, and when contrasted with a different painted color for the sides, offer a very upscale look to your letters and logos.

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