When you want to have a sign made to commemorate a person, dedicate an event, or memorialize a building, think cast metal. These Cast Metal plaques are made from premium metal alloys, and are engineered to last a lifetime. In fact, cast plaques are guaranteed for life. These plaques are precision tooled, offer a true sense of permanency and create a classic look with true architectural depth. A range of metals and finishes make these plaques ideal for almost any upscale application.
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Although a thousand iterations may be an exaggeration, cast metal plaques can be manufactured in an almost unlimited number of configurations. Military and government seal, integrated logos and emblems, and even double-sides plaques are just a few of the many options available in the cast metal plaque world.


So many finishes/textures, so little time…..you’re not finished yet. Available in 16 different finishes, including polished, painted and oxidized, cast metal plaques area available in various depths and sizes to fit almost any needs. Background textures include leatherette, stipple, sand, pebble and classic leather. Specialty finishes are also available.


Finishing touch elements, such as 11 different border options, adds to the aesthetic of any plaque. Even decorative borders are available in four different options (Jewel, Ivy, Adam and Greek Key). To further enhance the look of any plaque, decorative mounting options include rosettes from circle and beveled squares, to stars and decorative buttons.

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