Digitally printed banners are one of the most common forms of advertising. Whether you are advertising a luncheon special, announcing your upcoming company picnic, or simply displaying a little league team affiliation, digitally printed banners are effective and economically priced.  Similarly, decals are also an economical form of advertising. You see them everywhere. Bumper stickers with the latest slogan, school logos on car windows, storefronts, huge decals on service vehicles…. big or small, they are effective on a variety of levels.  Digitally printed in color onto vinyl decal material with an adhesive back, decals stick to any smooth surface. They can be contour cut to a shape, or square cut to size. Add a UV laminate, and it protects the decal from scratches and extends its’ life in the sun.
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Banners have been a staple of advertising for hundreds of years. Early banners were made of paper, progressed to vinyl, and now are almost exclusively digitally printed. Their evolution has been startling as now there is no limit to colors and creativity. You may think that banners are used more for exterior use, but trade sources suggest that banners are used almost as much for interior use. With the advent of banner stands, interior banners are great for tradeshows, displaying your products and services in almost any setting, and commemorating milestone in your company history. They are found as much in company lobbies as they are on the side of building messaging for lease information or new company arrivals.


Advertising the next event or featuring a new product, and need something inexpensive to make this work? Let us print on high gloss paper, and you put it directly on the wall or into a frame. Need it to be more rigid to place on an easel? No problem, we’ll laminate it to foam-board. Need a sturdier product? Let us print on decal material and apply it to a rigid PVC board, which you can slide into a pedestal stand. We can keep going, but you get the message. Posters have been around since you were a kid making a science fair project more attractive. Why not continue to use them to promote your business, describe your products and services, and generally spruce up your office setting.


Decals are another long-standing source of advertisement. They are perhaps the most economical form of advertising available. Decals can be screen printed in large quantities and are great for interior and exterior use. Or, you can print them one at a time on a digital printer. There is an endless color palette available and they can be contour cut to any shape required. There are a number of specialty decals in today’s market, including floor graphics, wall paper graphics, and vehicle wrap graphics, to name a few. Don’t sell the decal short, it continues to evolve and find new applications for itself.

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