Dimensional Acrylic Letters & Logos

For exterior building signs, flat cut Dimensional acrylic letters are a terrific choice. Typically these letters are router or laser cut from 1/8″ to 1″ thick material, depending upon the height of the letter and the visibility needed. Acrylic letters are moveable, paintable, durable and economical. If you want a glossy and dressy look, acrylic is your best bet. Logos, either router cut or water jet fabricated, add a particularly impressive dimension to your signage.
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Gloss acrylic comes in over 30 standard pigmented colors or can be painted your choice of colors. An acrylic letter, in its natural state, is attractive and gives off a feel of high quality. Laser or router cut, depending on the level of detail required, acrylic can create designs that are breathtaking. Varying thickness can add another level of interest to your signage, especially when added to other types of sign mediums. Raw acrylic is often all you need, and can be produced very economically.


If you want to add an extra layer of professionalism to your exterior signage, you might want to use a laminate for the face of the acrylic letters. There are a variety of colors, textures and finishes in the world of laminates. This type of signage is best used when there is only indirect sunlight that exposes the face of the letters but can certainly be used in a variety of protected areas. Great for interior applications, these laminate faced acrylic letters are sharp and clean, and when contrasted with a different color for the sides, offer a very upscale look to your letters and logos.


An exciting new type of acrylic letters is called “DIMENSIONS”. This is a thick acrylic based letter not often used in most signs. DIMENSIONS is 1 ½” thick, and is available in your choice of opaque white, white diffused, clear or “green glass” cast acrylic. Frosted, polished or painted returns are available design options. These letters are available in a wide variety of architectural metal laminate finishes including a host of brushed and polished metals. What a terrific way to upgrade your signage in a significant, impactful, and uncommon way.

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