When you need a metal plaque with lots of detail, etched metal is your best choice. These plaques are ideal when you need to depict the intricate details of a photograph, artwork, or drawing. They are also great for making tiny lettering look sharp and legible. Fabricated from earth-friendly lead and mercury-free alloys, cast metal letters can replicate even the most exacting detail. Depending upon the thickness of the metal you choose, etched metal signs are typically mounted to a wall, monument, or building, with concealed threaded mounts or decorative screws.
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The etch process is somewhat intricate but the result is nothing short of awesome. Chemical etching, a process that dates back to the Middle Ages, allows the transfer of most complex designs to a brass, bronze, copper or stainless steel surface. The design is etched into metal, then it is filled with paint, and then the entire surface of the plaque is covered with a protective clear coat finish.


The etch process not only accommodates complex line art, but can also produce halftone photographs. High contrast photographs work best for etched images. These images resemble newspaper photographs and have a visible dot pattern. These dots are filled with black ink to contrast with the brushed metal finish, and create a photograph-like image.

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