Routed Panels

Sometimes dimensional letters simply don’t do the trick, and sometimes you are constrained by both building requirements and city codes. This is often the case with routed panels. Routed panels can take many shapes and forms. They can be illuminated or not, contour cut or radiused, or simply basic in design. All materials come into play for routed panels, including metal, acrylic, foam, PVC and wood products. Colors and dimension add to the impact of these types of signs which work well with dimensional lettering made from similar mediums. Don’t settle for something simple when you can add routed materials to your signage and enhance the impact that your sign can have.
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If you don’t want to stay the course and would like to veer from the standard…routed metal panels are an exciting addition to any signage. Whether the routed metal panel is a stand-alone sign or another layer or element to other signage, the look and feel is substantial and the impact can be jaw-dropping. If routed to a shape or a simple square cut, metal panels can be decorative, functional and versatile.


If the cost and look of a metal panel does not work for you, often times, an acrylic or foam panel is a worthy substitute. These materials can be routed to virtually any shape and size, and come in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Let your imagination run wild as this “route” will more than make you happy. Add a digital print, dimensional lettering, or vinyl elements, and you’ll have upscale signage that will make you proud.


If you are a retail establishment which has presence at night, then a lighted, routed panel is a great alternative to individual illuminated channel letters. Less costly that channel letters, and equally as attractive, illuminated routed panels can be striking during the day and very effective at night. The panel becomes the primary sign shape and the letters can be illuminated via translucent acrylic, flat mounted on the back of the panel or “pushed-thru” the face of the panel. Both offer an aesthetically pleasing product.

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