LED Reader-Board & Light Box Signs

A light box cabinet with vinyl or digital graphics is another effective way to advertise your business. Although the image is static and somewhat old fashioned, light boxes can still be cosmetically attractive and get a strong message across to the public. Similar to light boxes, conventional reader boards are used to create a message system that uses changeable characters in order to convey different messages. Used by schools, churches and government agencies, reader boards continue to be the standard for this type of signage. However, new LED technology is the wave of the future, as it incorporates moveable, illuminated signage that can be in the form of messages or graphics, in one color or in full color.

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What exactly is an LED reader-board and light box sign?

LED reader-boards and light box signs are computerized and programmable electrical visual communication devices that contain LED lightbulbs. These devices typically contain vinyl and digital graphics that are useful for outdoor and indoor advertising. These images are usually static and stationary, but they are typically illuminated and have a high-impact on potential consumers. An example of a light box is a cinema lightbox – which is an LED light box that allows consumers to create personalized messages by moving letters and characters into the box.

Light boxes are typically seen in front of businesses, stores, restaurants, stadiums, and etc. They are an old-fashioned, yet classy form of advertising that has yet to go out of style. By incorporating LED technology, light boxes have only gotten better over the years.

What’s so special about LED technology?  

First off, LED stands for “light emitting diode.” Diodes are electrical devices with two terminals that allow electricity to flow. Typically, the electricity only flows in a single direction. The diode then uses the electric current to emit light. LED lights can be found across a spectrum of visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light.

Essentially, LED lights are the energy-efficient bulb of the future. They’re extremely energy-efficient, require low maintenance, and can last lifetimes. LED lights are typically best for usage in neon signs and light boxes. LED lights incorporate moveable, illuminated signage that can include graphics, messages, logos, and other types of displays. These displays can also contain a variety of different color options. They are great for bringing graphics and designs to life.

Why use light boxes?

Outdoor light box signs contain LED lights. This means that they’re the best at reducing electricity costs and are extremely energy-efficient. Light boxes contain either acrylic or lexan panels on the face, which is very cost-efficient, compared to individual letters. These light box signs are then decorated with vinyl lettering and digital graphics. They’re easy to use, inexpensive, and easy to manage – which is why many retailers prefer light boxes as signage.

Light boxes are a great form of signage. With a light box, a business can advertise their business to potential customers with an attractive neon sign. It’s perfect for businesses, cinemas, malls, hotels, hospitals, and etc. They’re the perfect way to display a new and attractive message. Light boxes can also be made in a variety of different colors.

Signage is important, and light boxes are perfect for the job. It’s one of the best forms of marketing, and is guaranteed to help your business get noticed.

Where and when can light boxes be used?

Light boxes are typically used outdoors. They are typically grounded outside of the respective businesses. However, there are specially customized light boxes that can be placed indoors as well. When placed outdoors, they are perfect for lighting up the night. They make businesses easier to spot and brings in potential customers for businesses. Light boxes can also be freestanding, mounted, hanging, or mounted to the ceiling – depending on a business’s preferences.

Light boxes are best placed where advertising is needed. They can be placed indoors, and wherever necessary – as long as they serve their desired purpose. Light boxes can also be used for lighting up a business during the nighttime. However, they’re also great for placing out during the day time. The lights can be switched on and off as necessary, for a more cost-efficient method of lighting and display. During the night, they can provide an ideal amount of light and can also present a flashy, vibrant design (if desired). Light boxes provide the perfect amount of illumination for businesses everywhere.

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