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If you are looking for an upscale, yet economical lobby treatment, look no further than using metal laminates with a variety of base substrates. Metal laminates give the appearance of a substantial metal letter, at typically half the cost. Often used in professional offices (law firms, medical offices, investment firms and insurance companies), metal laminates used to face foam letters is a terrific way to add a professional touch to your lobby. Metal laminates come in many, many colors, textures, and finishes to match the décor of your office.
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Metal laminates when mounted to foam gives much flexibility in terms of the depth or thickness of your metal letters and logos. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the letter, the less depth these letters should have. However, a fun and interesting treatment for a lobby sign is to mix and match the depths of letters depending upon the size of the letters. For example, if there is a fairly largo logo involved, you may want to this use 1” thick foam with a metal face. If there is a tag line in a smaller font, it adds another level of interest if that element has less thickness than the logo. Multiple thicknesses add to the aesthetic of any signage treatment.


As mentioned before, metal laminates are available in many colors and finishes. Silver, gold, or brass, in a brush or polished look are just a few options. Other metal finishes are available, along with wood grain veneers, and premium colors (feathered aluminum, circles aluminum, cyclone, linear, ripple, etc.) These laminates can be mounted to a variety of substrates besides foam as discussed above. Laminates on acrylic are particularly popular and eye-catching especially when combined with contrasting colors.

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