Custom Metal Lobby Signs for Businesses

Perhaps the most impressive form of interior signage is that of flat cut metal letters. These letters and logos are made from the finest materials using water jet, laser and CNC routers to precisely cut virtually any shape required. Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and steel are the main staples for this type of signage. Available in six thicknesses and nearly fifty standard finishes, letters and logos can be fabricated from one inch up to sixty inches, and if seamed, much, much more. If you want the most upscale interior signage available, this is clearly your best bet.
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Flat cut metal letters are available in the various materials mentioned above. Any standard or custom font or logos can be fabricate in a variety of finishes that include natural, polished, anodized, oxidized or simply painted. There are as many as fifty different finishes available that help to create the look you desire as well as six different thicknesses ranging from 1/8” to 1”.


Whether you come in first or last, metal letters make you a winner. The versatility, longevity, and diversity of this type of signage will have you hitting a homerun each and every time you call upon it. Why not put your best foot forward, impress any viewer, and show potential clients that you pay attention to detail even in the selection of your signage. A sign of professionalism starts with a professional sign. Start that now.

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