Yard signs and site signs are another effective way to advertise your business. How many times have you seen a service truck in front of someone’s home and you see their yard sign advertising that they are on-site? You also see such signs displayed in a yard when a job has been completed. Why not advertise as much as you can with permission from the client, of course. A site sign is often used similarly to a yard sign, but usually on a grander scale. Used by property managers and construction companies, site signs are somewhat large and afford a distinct marketing opportunity.
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The name yard sign is a bit deceiving. Although this type of sign is often found at a personal residence, yard signs are very popular with, and at churches, charities, schools, and even golfing events. Often made of coroplast (corrugated plastics), yard signs work nicely with a step-stake. The cost of this type of sign is very reasonable, the signs are certainly re-useable, and they can be single or double-sided. More substantial yard signs can be made of metal, thicker plastic and MDO (painted plywood). Tailor your signs to the specific need you have and whatever your budget will allow. As they say in baseball, “Go Yard”, which means to hit a home run. You will hit a home run when using effective yard signs.


Site signs are often found at construction job sites, on the grounds of building complexes, and at strip centers. These types of signs are used to identify leasing opportunities, new company arrivals, governmental announcements, and other quasi-temporary communication needs. More substantial in construction and size when compared to yard signs, site signs are often made of painted wood (MDO) and mounted to painted 4” x 4” redwood posts. Sizes vary from 4’ x 4’, to 4’ x 8’ to 8’ x 8’. Single or double sided, installed into dirt or softscape, or even mounted to a wooden skid, site signs are great advertising and announcement tools.

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