Directories & Suite Signs | Layered Stand-off System

If your budget won’t allow for a Touch Screen directory and you are looking for something a bit more upscale than a Vista system, then a stand-off system is the perfect choice. These systems are typically constructed using an acrylic base panel with acrylic inserts that contain room, tenant or other information. The inserts are affixed to the main panel using small brush aluminum stand-offs and the main panel is mounted to the wall using larger stand-offs. Decorative elements, including brush aluminum and dimensional graphics can enhance the look and feel of this type of system.
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A stand-off system is both flexible and economical. Once the initial investment is made in the base panel, hardware and inserts, the only ongoing cost is the lettering for the tenant or directory change. This lettering is typically done with vinyl which can utilize the existing tenant insert. A new acrylic insert is usually not required. The inserts are easily removed and the change-out can be made without using a trained sign professional. A sign company is only needed to produce the lettering, and in fact, a number or large companies have taken this function in-house if there is sufficient demand over a number of buildings.
Stand-off systems deliver maximum flexibility with a high end look. The variety of colors of base panels, inserts, lettering and shapes gives the end user a wide array of options. Designed to blend with a buildings aesthetic, these systems make a statement when directing clients to their intended location. Why not add some pizazz to your signage by adding decorative elements, mixing and matching colors, and contour shape your base panels. The results can be dramatic and effective.
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