10 Examples of Interior Office Design That Boost Company Culture

Question: Does company culture matter when designing office spaces?

According to recent research by Haworth, it does.

The research focused on how to create a successful organizational culture within a company. And what did they find? “No matter how strong an organization’s planned procedures, culture trumps strategy when the two are not aligned,” stated the study.

This means that companies should start placing more emphasis on encouraging company culture, as it’s been shown to increase worker motivation and efficiency. What better way to begin cultivating company culture than by starting with the office?

You might think it’s too late to redo the overall design of your workplace, but it’s the little things that count—a painting here, a mural there, and you’ll be looking at a refreshing redesign of your office in no time.

1. Color, color, color



Source: America’s Instant Signs

Does your company have signature colors? Brighten up the office by getting a new paint job! Get creative with bold colors and experiment with contrasts—don’t be afraid to change it up every once in awhile.

Colors should match the feel of a company, however. If your workplace requires intense concentration, don’t be afraid to go for classy, neutral colors like grays, light browns, or off-whites.


2. Choose the right photographs


Source: America’s Instant Signs

Gorgeous scenery shots look good on any wall. But if you’re looking for that special touch, try finding high-quality photos that represent your company—like these beautifully-shot construction photos, which would look perfect in a contractor’s office.


3. Eye-catching art or design


Source: America’s Instant Signs

Change the tone of your office by incorporating art or graphic design! If you want a classy, professional feel, look for modern art or metallic pieces. If you want a more lighthearted feel, try adding a pop of color with abstract art or fun paintings.


4. Celebrate your staff

onlinetrading Source: America’s Instant Signs

Show off your incredible staff by placing them front-and-center in the workplace. Include a nice headshot, description of past achievements/experience, and a fun (or professional) bio so that clients—potential and otherwise—get a feel for who they’re working with. Bonus: Your workers will also get the chance to learn more about each other!


5. Showcase your company motto/mission statement


 Source: America’s Instant Signs

Make sure that everyone knows what your company stands for, the moment they walk into the office!


6. Recognize achievements


Source: America’s Instant Signs

Got a talented staff? Are you proud to be an award-winning company?

Inspire your staff to be proud of what they do by prominently recognizing certificates, degrees, awards, etc.


7. Timeline of success


 Source: America’s Instant Signs

Every company has a story to tell, from its beginning to where it is today. Create a timeline that serves as a lasting reminder of how far your company’s come, and show everyone—clients and staff included—the potential your business has for the future.


8. Get fancy with wall art


Source: America’s Instant Signs

Eliminate blank space by using tasteful photos, murals, art, or anything that catches the eye. Look for pieces that reflect your company, like beautiful shots of your office building, the office itself, or even group pictures of your smiling staff.


9. Motivate and inspire with word clusters


Source: America’s Instant Signs

What words best describe your company? Are you hardworking? Responsible? Do you value teamwork more than personal success?

10. Show off your company mascot


Source: America’s Instant Signs

Don’t have a mascot? That’s fine—you can choose one with your staff, or you can decorate the office with cartoon characters, personal drawings, etc. This is an awesome opportunity to engage in team-building and encourage company culture.

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