Why Banners and Posters are Useful for Your Business

banners and posters

We’ve all seen them. Banners and posters are spread across so many buildings throughout the country it’s impossible to count them all. They advertise the widest range of products imaginable, and every single one of them has the unique quality that sets it apart from competing company ads. Whether it’s driving past a building with parading banners across its walls or walking past an eye-catching poster that stops you in your tracks, there’s no doubt that both are a popular form of advertisement.


An Advertising Staple

In fact, banners have been a staple of advertising for hundreds of years. Banners are the large, digitally printed signs that bear a slogan or design. Posters are essentially smaller banners and are incredibly versatile. These advertisement pieces can be put directly on the wall, into a frame, laminated, applied to a rigid PVC board, and more.


Effective Advertisement

If your company has been considering a form of advertisement, banners and posters should by far be at the top of your list. Banners provide the perfect space to showcase your company in a big way.

Banners aren’t solely for exterior use… in fact, banners are becoming incredibly popular in terms of indoor advertisement. Events such as company commemoration parties, trade shows, career fairs, and plenty more provide the perfect opportunity to grab a digitally printed banner and jazz it up with any color, design, and oomph you could imagine. Looking for something that takes up less space? That’s where a poster comes in. Posters catch any eyes that pass them, and with the wide range of custom creations available to you, there’s no doubt your poster will be a hit in and out of the office


Creative & Eye-Catching Banners and Posters

While there are endless examples of great ads that can be shown, here are 2 examples of creative and eye-catching banners and posters:

1. Kölner Zoo

banners and postersPhoto Source: Preuss Und Preuss via Creative Ad Awards

Shown during the Easter holiday, this poster from Kölner Zoo is a unique way to advertise for their zoo and new animals, while at the same time, sharing the joy of Easter. This is easy, smooth advertising that keeps it short and sweet while still getting the message across.


2. Denver Water

posters and bannersPhoto Source: Sukle Advertising via ADWEEK

This popular and eye-catching banner by Denver Water is using a creative, large-scale advertisement to illustrate to the community the importance of conserving water. This unique advertisement is a great and effective way to grab the attention of a crowd and make the campaign memorable.


Worth the Investment

How can you make sure that investing in banners and posters is the right decision? After all, how your company chooses to advertise itself and establish its identity to the general public is important. The thing to remember is that without large format printing such as banners and posters, the amount of advertisements for your company that people are exposed to is significantly lower. Banners and posters will draw attention and leave an impression on whoever sees the ads.

Additionally, due to the large scale of large format printing products, they tend to last for a much longer time than other forms of advertisements. If that doesn’t sway you, the larger range of clientele you reach by advertising with banners and posters should.


Banners and posters have always been some of the leading-most forms of advertisements, and will surely stand as such for quite some time. They do wonders for promoting a company’s brand, products, and personality while simultaneously adding style and flair to anyone’s day. Banners and posters are an efficient and cost-effective way to show the world what your company stands for.

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