15 Examples of Stunning & Creative Outdoor Signs in Orange County

A person passing through Orange County will inevitably be struck by the kinds of signs they will see on their way through. An essential characteristic of the Orange County area is the blend of the old and the new, the rustic and the modern. After all, Orange County is widely hailed as a site of constant technological innovation, a place where everyone who wants to be someone in the field of technology wants to go.


The signs you can see peppering the sides of roads and on buildings definitely communicate the complexity of Orange County, and these are some of the best signs from both the past and future that show how creative the residents can be.


1) Start Your Engines:


One of the many locations within Disney’s California Adventure, Cars Land, sports some of the most beautiful neon and rustic signs within the area. In fact, Disney, as a whole, has picked up on the unique aesthetic of Orange County, and has replicated it in a great deal of their signage throughout the park.


2) A True Blast from the Past:


The typography on the Capistrano Trading Post is beautiful, and looks like a building you might see two hundred years ago… without revealing the wear and tear of all those years!


3) Lovely and Iconic:


A simply and eye-catching side-of-the-road sign that makes you feel like you have traveled back in time a few decades, in all the right ways.


4) Elegant Simplicity:


A simple logo on a relatively plain background can be just as appealing, if not more so, than a busier collection of signs. This sign has mastered the art of being so simple that it stands out in the memory for a while because of its simple and striking humor.


5) Perfect for a Sunny Day:


This sign is not only fun, but also shows an eye for detail. The boxes for the letters are subtly crafted so that, as the shadows of the day shift, the look and feel of the sign will change too.


6) At the End of the Long Road:


This San Clemente sign may be old-fashioned, but also has a very dynamic and eye-catching design. It represents the perfect blend of the old and new that Orange County offers.


7) Once Upon a Time…


Accented perfectly by the lush greenery that surrounds it, this adorable wooden sign conjures a picturesque cafe that looks like it was straight from a fairy tale.


8) Not a Ghost Rider, but a…


Though signs can be lovely and subtle, sometimes it is better for them to evoke fun and excitement. The jagged lines, bright colors, and the way the words jump out from their background make you feel excited to ride the coaster ahead.


9) Lions and Tigers and…


Though you may not initially guess that this is another sign from Disney’s park, this is in fact a sign for the re-done Grizzly Airpark that hangs charmingly from a log.


10) An Old Take on the Modern:


Another roller coaster sign, this one was made with a technique known as sandblasting. This gives the sign an authentic and rustic look. As you can see, a sign for something like a roller coaster can be approached in so many different ways, which can have an important effect on how one engages with the coaster.


11) …and a Modern Take on the Old:


This church sign is a bold take on the more traditional ones of its genre. The sign works well with the reflective building that also shows off the palm trees in front of it.


12) Look Up, and You Will See:


A small but cute sign is perfect for a local toy store: it suggests playfulness without pretension. Sometimes, the nice signs are not always found blatantly on the side of the road, but are hidden in order to pleasantly surprise you!


13) Danger!


Some signs have a very important and specific function. This sign does an excellent job of encouraging the passerby to look at its contents, which are vital to know if you intent on hiking anywhere in California. It is very readable, and also accessible to people who might not read perfect English.


14) If You Love Symmetry:


An elegant storefront sign that is meant to evoke stained glass tells you that this is certainly one nice establishment. A sign says a lot about the aura of a place, and should adequately tell your customers or visitors what to expect when they enter.


15) A Dig Through the Archives:


This last one is a real blast from the past, since, sadly, you will be unable to find this exact location nowadays. This is a shame because this is a beautiful cinema sign that is now lost to history…. However, we present this as a challenge to make more cool signs like this one!


Signs are much more difficult to make than people give them credit for, and it takes a lot of work and thought to design a memorable, eye-catching sign that drives people to the advertised location. It is an art form that Orange County is on its way to perfecting, and you should definitely expect even more creative signs to pop up in Orange County’s future!

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