A Closer Look at Downtown Disney’s Star Wars Window Display

Star Wars: The Force Awakens made quite a splash when it released Dec. 14, 2015, obliterating various box office records and earning about $525 million in ticket sales worldwide.

According to the NY Times, it was “the largest opening weekend in North America”.
Considering this lucrative outcome, a large quota of incredible marketing was done before the debut, like the display showcases at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California:

With a red glow creating a “too-cool-for-school” atmosphere, life-like figures, and hard textures against a dark backdrop, this display depicts a variety of elements needed for an unforgettable window exhibit. Star Wars fans, and general movie-goers alike, become animated with an action oriented display. It speaks to the audience, calling them to combat alongside the heroic characters. Who will you choose to do battle with? The dark side, or the rebel alliance?

The gleaming laser looks as real is it can get, making a triple sided light saber a tangible commodity for young Jedis at heart. The bold banner, along with the intense stance of the figures, intimidates viewers. And look at how impressive the Storm Troopers are! Never has the Dark Side looked so enticing.

Star Wars has doubly amplified its advertisement by means of an urgent feat of battle and an emotional relay. Immediately, the display’s viewers understand Kylo Ren’s nefarious purpose: to recruit more warriors and take over the intergalactic realm. The tint of red has a powerful stance in the world of color, showing off the character’s boisterous strength and commanding stature. Immediately, all eyes are upon him as he orders absolute obedience.

Downtown Disney - Source: YoutubeDowntown Disney – Source: Youtube

The subtle shadows and choice of window size seriously makes this one unforgettable display. With such looming hype, this add alone could sway any avid non-Star Wars fan to see the movie, and they would probably like it, as 90 percent of viewers said they greatly enjoyed the film! Some people even saw the film over and over again, while others dressed up during the feature to show their undying support and fandom.

There are some hardcore Star Wars fans out there – obviously so, since they willed the “Force Awakens” edition to bounce back decades after the first series premiered in 1977. The fans’ hype is so contagious that Downtown Disney is hosting a Star Wars themed half marathon!

Thankfully, the “Force Awakens” display isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of the awesome Star Wars presentations. CEO Bob Iger announced the making of an entire “Star Wars” themed land, which is finally coming to life in California’s iconic Disneyland themed park. In January 2016, about a quarter of California’s Disneyland territory will close briefly in order to develop this Star Wars area.


Screen_Shot_2016-01-27_at_9.34.25_AMInside of Disneyland Park – Source: Youtube


Screen_Shot_2016-01-27_at_9.35.21_AMInside of Disneyland Park – Source: Youtube




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