Why You Shouldn’t Be Compromising Quality Over a Price Tag


When it comes to running a business, you always run the risk of allowing your prices to dictate customer behavior. Many shoppers are sensitive to high prices, and will often choose a lower-priced product that is of poor quality than the opposite.

Since high prices will cause customers to go elsewhere, businesses think the solution is to simply lower their prices to bring in shoppers, but this is not always the best solution. Typically, small businesses fall into the trap of lowering prices just for their customers, instead of throwing their main focus into building up their product and brand.

When a brand is strong, efficient, and loyal, customers will stick with it even when prices are brought up because they know they’re getting great service and even greater quality.

What is Your Brand?

Your brand is your name, your presence, and how your customers perceive you. It’s your media presence and what the world will come to recognize you by as your business grows. In order to create a good brand that will gain the trust and loyalty of potential customers, your brand must possess the following traits:




Why Your Brand is Important

Think about it—when you go to the store, are you more likely to buy brand name products or products that you know nothing about, even if they’re cheaper? If you’re more likely to stick to name brands, you’re not alone. People tend to trust a product they know and love rather one that is new and unfamiliar, even if the price of the newer brand is lower.

This is because these name brands have spent time building up their name, which includes customer satisfaction, relationships, and support. Putting the customer’s first is a great way to begin building your brand.

Building Your Brand

Even if you have the best products out on the market, you have very little chance of people choosing your business if they know nothing about you. With this in mind, you should begin building your brand. Fortunately, building your brand is easier than it ever has been thanks to social media and the internet. To help your business be perceived as legitimate and professional, you must have a website, a social media presence, and a domain. These three things are the building blocks of your brand and will help potential customers find you in searches. The more information customers have about you, the higher their trust will be, which means the more your business will grow.


Change the Way Your Customers See You

As a small business owner, flipping the script on how customers see you and approach your product will determine your success. You already know that super low prices are not a good idea—not for your financial stability as a company, nor for the quality of your products—so that’s not a selling point to advertise. Instead, focus on advertising the high quality of your product, and your unmatched service. It might take a bit more time, but people will notice and they will bring business through word of mouth and social media interaction with friends and family.

Price is important but it’s not the only thing that can drive your business. When building your brand, nothing is more valuable than having amazing service and even better quality. Always emphasize the strengths of your business and customers are sure to come—and word will spread.

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