11 Political Campaign Signs That Are Actually Winning the Race

Candidates, candidates, candidates. With all this Donald Trump talk and Bernie Sanders sparking new government ideas among the youth (and even some of the old!), it can get really tiring to see all this political talk going around (looking at you, Trump).

So as a breather from all this electoral craziness, here are 11 hilarious campaign signs to take the edge off this political season.

All Hail Megatron

funny-political-signs-01Source: cubebreaker.com

If you’ve been paying any attention to the Transformers continuities, you might have sensed this would be coming.


Why Not Choose Zoidberg?

funny-political-signs-06Source: cubebreaker.com

Seriously, what about Zoidberg?


Tanner Wilson: Your Future Supreme Overlord

funny-political-signs-16Source: cubebreaker.com

Supreme Overlord… What could possibly go wrong?


Pretty Fly For A White Guy

yMBtlpdTfa51si9idbwj_c2Source: fod4.com

The placement of these signs is just too good. We wouldn’t be surprised if this was strategically planned.


Danny Devito. Yes.

TewsbpddQY9gvRtUpPAw_c1Source: fod4.com

Looks like Danny Devito is done with the film life and wants to give running for mayor a shot. I’m sure he can do it. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor of California.


Harry Balsack

jU98JWdOQQG6JuVEs2kp_c5Source: fod4.com

 This one kinda just speaks for itself, really…


Robert Reddit (Because Reddit)

Wra2YHNOTVKS5Kr1GyZw_c4Source: fod4.com

One day Reddit will not only be the front page of the internet but front page of this school board district, too. The minds of small children are always in good hands with Reddit.


Vote For Pedro!

dc0baA5STEyrrCgRmBPJ_c6Source: fod4.com

Pedro has moved from class president to running for congress. Bravo, Pedro! I didn’t think you’d be republican, though.


Ru Paul For President!

wndxf7oRmKhtSXk46Urw_c10Source: fod4.com

In my opinion, it should be Ru Paul for Queen of the U.S., not president. Slay.


Darth Vader for Galactic Emperor

o-DARTH-VADER-ELECTION-42-facebookSource: Huffington Post

We know where our vote is going.


Keyboard Cat For Prez

keyboard-catSource: cityofferndale.org

You know, by this point, a cat may do well in government. They rule the internet so it’s no surprise they’d try to get involved in politics.


Lawless Circuit Judge

lawlessSource: 11points.com

He may be Lawless but at least he’s 100% honest about it. We do need honest judges after all.

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