6 Crucial Things to Keep in Mind When Branding Your New Business

There is a reason why every swimming creature in Bikini Bottom loves Spongebob’s Krabby Patty so much. It’s because its made with layers of goodness and love. It takes a lot of time and hard work to create such a magnificent work of art, and Mr. Krabs knows this, which is why his business is so booming. Think any other underwater town has cheeseburgers? Most likely not. Mr. Krabs, perhaps one of the most noteworthy business tycoons, saw an opportunity to meet a nutritious need in his coral community and reached out to his fish friends through his expert marketing and management.
Here are some things to know in order to be as successful with your company:

1. Set up Goals

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Before you ever start working out the tiny details of your major corporation, you need to find a need that you wish to personally address through the values and products of your company. Mr. Krabs saw there were no cheeseburgers in the ocean, so he set out to create a restaurant to fill that need.

Sit down and think about what it is that you want to address and do through your business and make a motto or mission statement that encapsulates those ideas. This is the foundation of what you stand for so make sure its perfect! When things are getting complicated, your goal is something you are always going to look towards to get back on track and stay motivated.

2. Find Your Audience

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The last thing a vegetarian fish wants to eat is a Southwestern Bacon Burger, so perhaps selling a Krabby Patty to them is the wrong way to market. As ideal as it sounds, it’s not super likely that you are going to reach every single person in the world with your ingenuity, nor are you going to want to take on that giant task.

Therefore, find the target audience that you want to impact with your corporation based on the needs you wish to address. Start with age group, location, or circumstance and role from there. You’ll quickly find supporters if you target correctly.

3. Socialize

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Online broadcasting is the craze of the century, and with technological advancements always on the rise, its safe to say that social media is here to stay. More people are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram each and every day, so the best way to communicate to customers is to advertise on what they are looking at.

As sad as it is, older sources just aren’t as helpful to this generation. Newspapers are being used mostly for art projects and lining moving boxes, and hardly anyone knows what the YellowPages are anymore, so jump aboard the technological train! Create a company page, write blogs, or design a website to get some public awareness.

4. Make it Pretty


Food always looks tastiest when presented nicely. Even before we take a bite of our dinner, we just assume something tastes bad if it’s slopped into a bowl carelessly, and the same goes for our businesses. Someone will always be drawn to a company that presents itself physically well, so don’t skimp on the fluff and folds of your building or website.

Create a fun and friendly logo or sign that is appropriate for you company’s intentions. Don’t be afraid to use color, get creative, and pay attention to space and movement. If you aren’t happy with your aesthetic, then your customers won’t be either.

5. Get the Help

When you’re dating someone, one of the best ways to get the inside scoop of his personality is to look at his friends. People can tell a lot about others based on who they associate with, so align yourself with associates that share the same standards and goals as you and the company you want to create.Someone who eats fast food twice a day is most likely going to be a poor physical trainer so keep your goals in mind when hiring. The best employee is going to naturally live and breathe the desires of your company every day without even trying.


6. Feed the Feedback

Once you make your statement in the world, its important to have a way for others to tell you what they think. It’s one thing to have that option available, but another to actually create a plan of action from it. Listen to your people because they know what they want. There’s a reason why McDonalds keeps bringing back the McRib Sandwich, and that’s because they listen to their customers to find out what they want more or less of (and apparently its barbeque). Create a feedback page on your website for others to leave comments.
Yes, sometimes people can be very mean and leave nasty notes, but at least you can take those words and use it as a driving force to change for the better. Knowing what you and your employees do well (and not so well) is the most powerful tool, so use it wisely!

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Mr. Krabs is a savvy businessman, and now you can too with some marketing and management help. If you have any more questions on how to make your business shine, contact America’s Instant Signs or call 800-305-1105.

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