8 Things Your Teacher Wished You Knew on the First Day of School


  1. While this is your first day of school, it isn’t their’s.

    No. It is not. Not even close. They have been “staff developing” for at least the past two weeks. All in preparation for the day that you arrive. So…count your blessings, kids.

  2. They have worked tirelessly trying to decorate their classroom, and they hope you appreciate it.

    Emphasis on “tirelessly.” They have, no doubt, spent the past few days climbing ladders, standing on tables, designing educational signs, trying to come up with relevant catch phrases (#doyourhomework ???), and burning themselves with hot glue guns. Why do they go through all of this, you ask? Because they will do anything and everything to help promote your growth and learning. (And they want you to think that they have a cooler classroom than the rest of the teachers.


  4. They have spent quite a few hours trying to figure out how to pronounce your crazy name.

    They really want you to feel welcome and cared for on the first day of school, and they know a lot of that can come down to them just making an effort to say your name right. (Some teachers even go the extra mile and memorize the names) So they have texted their other teacher friends asking if any of them have had you the year before all in hopes of not sounding dumb in front of the toughest crowd of all (students.) *stares hard at attendance sheet* Is that a silent Z???

  5. They are just as excited and nervous as you are.

    As much as you may be excited and nervous about your first day of school, your teacher is pretty excited and nervous about meeting all of you. Teachers get butterflies, too, you guys.

  6. They are also just as sad (if not more sad) as you are that summer is over.

    More sad. Definitely more sad. They have more than likely spent their summer doing exactly what you wish you could do. Travelling the world, visiting relatives, hanging out with friends, and sleeping of course.

  7. They put just as much effort into their first day of school outfit as you do.

    So you think you spend a lot of time picking out your first day of school outfit? Well, imagine having all eyes on you for six hours straight. Teachers want to have a great reputation just like you do, so yeah, they also skype their teacher friends asking for first day of school outfit suggestions.

  8. They are extremely excited to show you all of the new hip lesson plans that they have for this year.


    If your teacher is stoked about the new homework assignment they have come up with that involves Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook – please act excited with them. They’re trying guys, they’re trying.

  9. Above anything else, they are excited to teach you, and they hope that you are excited to learn.

    …And they are so excited to watch you grow all year!


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