How the Fake 30 Rock Would React to the Real 30 Rock’s Sign Replacement

As the last few seasons of NBC’s 30 Rock predicted, General Electric has been acquired by “CableTown” or in this case Comcast. What does this mean? It means say goodbye to 30 Rockefeller Center and the General Electric sign and say hello to the new Comcast building.

First things first, here’s actual proof that the writer’s of 30 Rock truly saw this coming:


And here’s the actual event:


Here’s how we think some of our old friends at NBC’s 30 Rock would react to such an event:



Jenna would find a way to make a singing opportunity out of it.



Tracey would have no clue what was even happening.



Kenneth would be optimistic and excited about the possibilities.



 Jack would definitely drink his way through the pain.



And last but not least, Liz Lemon would obviously have her usual response.


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