Learn Why We Are the Experts for Illuminated Signs in Orange County

Illuminated Signs for Orange CountyIlluminated channel letters and lightbox cabinets are among the most popular signage products for exterior building uses in Orange County. Doing business with professionals at a sign shop that know how to customize these markers and observe all the legal requirements in the process is a necessity. When you are ready to work with the best sign company in Orange County for illuminated signs, call America’s Instant Signs. However, do not just take our word for it. Let the facts speak for themselves.

  • Extensive experience. We have designed and installed lit channel letter signs for faith communities, boutiques and major electronics retailers. We handled lightbox cabinets for a broad range of educational and medical facilities. We know how to design a marker that brands your business and stands out.
  • Committed to excellence. We provide our clients with sketches and tweak the designs as needed until we completely capture your vision for the marker. We welcome input and work with the graphics you already have or design the signage product from scratch.
  • Lightbox cabinet signs Orange CountyOne-stop shop. We not only handle the design and manufacturing, but we also complete the installation. Since we have a C45 Sign Contractor’s License, we have the legal right to work with signage components that call for electrical design and hookup work. Other signage makers have to subcontract these types of installations.
  • Committed to legalities. We handle the permitting process for your signage. We ensure that all components meet local code requirements. In addition, we have officials sign off on the finished product.

Of course, we also handle all aspects of refurbishing illuminated signs. We usually start out with a site survey that allows us to inspect the product. Due to our expertise with electrical components, we know whether the sign needs a complete overhaul that includes lighting parts or if it just needs some cosmetic touch up. By giving you this type of information up front, you know that the price for the job does not suddenly go up as we get started on the work.

Illuminated Monument Signs for Orange CountySaving you money is an important part of our job. At the same time, we want you to stand out and look great. Clients oftentimes ask us if it is possible to complement exterior building signs with other products that would heighten the attention their markers create. Recommending signage packages or combinations is part of our job. For example, a business that invests in a lit channel letter marker may also want to consider a monument sign that helps motorists recognize the entrance to the parking lot.

Another business may benefit from added vinyl window graphics that enhance the marketing and branding messages the façade signage provides. These one-two combinations are highly effective and benefit our business clients in a broad range of settings. Call us today and find out the other reasons why we are the best sign company in Orange County for illuminated signs. Our friendly technicians look forward to meeting with you and discussing your signage needs.


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